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Introducing Min


11 / 2012

As of today I just activated version 1.0 of the Min Theme for WordPress. It was created by yours truly as an armature attempt at a Minimalist WordPress Theme for version 3.0 and beyond. So good by (and good riddance) to the Bogus theme that I created. Min is not perfect, far from it, but I think it’s an improvement. I will keep refining it as I have inspiration to do so.

If you are interested in lessons learned I have several minor ones.

If you stop by please drop me a comment and let me know what you think, good or bad. All feedback is welcome.


FT FacePress II Too


06 / 2010

My most recent diabolical plan was to automatically update my Facebook “wall” with my blog posts. My friends on Facebook would increase my blog audience by, well, hopefully more than 0. Anyway, there were some technical difficulties with the plugin or the user, but I’m willing to concede it was probably caused by cosmic rays if the plugin author is. Basically when I configured the FT FacePress II Plugin I entered my Facebook mobile account in both the Profile and Page update areas. That did not work. According to Alan who is the super helpful author of the plugin (Thanks Alan!). I can’t use the same account in both places. I’ve update the settings and if nothing else is wrong you should see this blog post on my Facebook page. I need to send a follow up e-mail to Alan to have the property edits prevent the user from using the same Facebook mobile e-mail twice. Either that or he could read this post? Yeah, I may go with that. Here’s hoping you see me (or more specifically this post) on Facebook!


FT FacePress II Plugin


06 / 2010

Since lots of folks I know are on Facebook I decided to update my blog to automatically show my posts on my Facebook page. Cool right? Truth is I just wanted to see if I could get it to work. For you Facebook guys and gals please excuse the geeky posts that are sure to follow. For anyone that actually has an interest in web development, enjoy.

In the event that you “care” the blogging software I’m using is WordPress and the Plugin is called FT FacePress II, hence the name of this post. This is the second one that I’m trying as the first crashed and burned!


My Favorite WordPress Plugins Revisited


06 / 2010

WordPress is a great blogging platform, but out of the box there are many neat things that it does not do. Enter WordPress Plugins to close the functionality gap and make for happy users. This list is a revisiting of my favorite WordPress plugins. All of those listed are ones that I take advantage of on my blog. Here is the short and sweet list.

Although that’s all the plugins I use, there are hundreds of useful plugins available for you to try. If you are still interested in other great plugins you should read the blog post 20 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Every Website by Amber Weinberg. This is a pretty good list to give you an idea of the amazing variety of plugins available for WordPress



Pull Quotes


11 / 2009

I wanted to add pull quotes to my blog posts for added impact. I was taking a break from doing research on the topic when I just happened to come across David Walsh’s post entitled Better Pull Quotes with MooTools. I’m not a MooTools user, but David’s post mentioned that his effort was based on Chris Coyier’s post on CSS-Tricks titled Better Pull Quotes: Don’t Repeat Markup. I checked out the post and it seemed easy to implement, so I decided to give it a go. As Chris says, “Pull quotes are wonderful.

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