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Half Marathon Man


01 / 2010

Today the USA Fit Marathon – Everyone’s Marathon posted their 2010 Results and your author clocked in for the 1/2 marathon at 3:20:29 with an average time of 15:19 minutes per mile. Not much for the record books, but as a walker I’m pretty happy with the results of my first “official” 1/2 marathon. This was a 10 minute shorter time than my previous 1/2 marathon training walk. Many thanks to my friend Mark Main who told me about the event and helped me keep pace for the first leg of the race. Mark was also a walker and went on to finish the full marathon in 7:10:44 with an average time of 16:27 minutes per mile. Also, special thanks to my family for coming out and supporting me at the end of the race. Lastly, thanks to USA Fit for hosting a marathon with an 8 hour clock so walkers had an opportunity to enter and complete the full marathon.