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My Favorite WordPress Plugins Revisited


06 / 2010

WordPress is a great blogging platform, but out of the box there are many neat things that it does not do. Enter WordPress Plugins to close the functionality gap and make for happy users. This list is a revisiting of my favorite WordPress plugins. All of those listed are ones that I take advantage of on my blog. Here is the short and sweet list.

Although that’s all the plugins I use, there are hundreds of useful plugins available for you to try. If you are still interested in other great plugins you should read the blog post 20 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Every Website by Amber Weinberg. This is a pretty good list to give you an idea of the amazing variety of plugins available for WordPress



2 Comments to “My Favorite WordPress Plugins Revisited”

  • Stephen R says:

    Just FYI — “JavaScript Pull-Quotes” has been renamed to “Graceful Pull-Quotes”. (Also some bug fixes with the rename.)

    Thanks for the kind mention. :-)

    • JJ says:

      I completely missed that when I linked to the site. I’ve fixed it in my post. Thanks for the update and thanks for the great plugin!


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