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New Development Platform


06 / 2010

I don’t like to use the word love when talking about machines, but I think it would be fair to say that I’m really, really happy about my new computer. With my brother’s help in designing and building my new home desk top I’m absolutely thrilled to say that my new baby is plugged in, patched up, online and looking to game and a whole lot more!

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SmugMug Architecture


06 / 2010

SmugMug Photo Sharing and Video Sharing is a private and long term profitable Premium only commercial web site. Don MacAskill, the CEO of SmugMug, gave the keynote speech at a MySQL conference. Don posted the video of his speech on his blog. He is talking about the Percona builds of MySQL which is what I’m planning to deploy so I was eager to watch his presentation. It is a great summary of the architecture of SmugMug and the problems they are working to solve around MySQL. If you have an interest in web solution architectures you should absolutely check it out.


Documenting PHP Code


06 / 2010

If you find that documenting your PHP projects is the least fun activity you can think of then you might want to give one of the automated code documenters a try. Below are two that may be worth a look. If you know of others then please post a comment and share.


FT FacePress II Too


06 / 2010

My most recent diabolical plan was to automatically update my Facebook “wall” with my blog posts. My friends on Facebook would increase my blog audience by, well, hopefully more than 0. Anyway, there were some technical difficulties with the plugin or the user, but I’m willing to concede it was probably caused by cosmic rays if the plugin author is. Basically when I configured the FT FacePress II Plugin I entered my Facebook mobile account in both the Profile and Page update areas. That did not work. According to Alan who is the super helpful author of the plugin (Thanks Alan!). I can’t use the same account in both places. I’ve update the settings and if nothing else is wrong you should see this blog post on my Facebook page. I need to send a follow up e-mail to Alan to have the property edits prevent the user from using the same Facebook mobile e-mail twice. Either that or he could read this post? Yeah, I may go with that. Here’s hoping you see me (or more specifically this post) on Facebook!


WordPress 3.0


06 / 2010

WordPress 3.0 is here! I updated today and as billed the admin interface is lighter. The new default Twenty Ten theme is nice looking, but I only activated it long enough to realize I didn’t like the default layout. I may play with it later when I have more free time. Other interesting features include custom post types, built in short link support and WordPress MU integration for single or multi-site solutions. In honor of the launch I removed the gradient background color from the “bogus” theme and that seemed to help the look. I’ll keep exploring the latest version of WordPress to see what new or interesting features I can find.

Update: Found a really good post on the new features in WordPress 3.0 so I thought I would share it here. It’s called 8 New Exciting WordPress 3.0 Features and it’s great because it has code samples along with the features that require custom code in the theme. Enjoy!